Interview: Meet the Talented Female Artist “Idarah Uyou”


This weekend, hook up with the fast rising music diva.. with stage name: Idarah Uyou.. she is extremely talented.. the convo goes thus below:  

1. Hello Diva!! Can we meet u??

Reply : I am IDARAH UYOU, a music diva…

2. When did u start music officially???

Re:  This year,…not so long ago

3.. Really, that’s cool… so far!!! Aws. Been the industry????

Re: Industry?..I know nothing about the industry…..but I hope it’ll cool…

4.   We heard your new song is dropping next week??? Tell us about it??

Re: Well is going be a cool one…the title is TGIF..
 Which means, Thank GOD It’s Friday

5.. are u signed to any record label

Re: Not yet…looking forward to…

6… so are u looking forward to be signed?..

Re: Hoping on God for a good one…

8. Can you tell us about your style of music????

Re:  Well I dont sing a particular genre of music, I am very dynamic, I am a gifted music artist….

9. Pls share your contact information with your fans and labels that will want to get across to you..

Re:   08162260976…. or mail..…

10. Who do you want to give a Shoutout to?

Re:  I want to appreciate my fans, I love them and I won’t stop doing good music 

11. Its nice having you on our interview phase today.. looking forward to hear the new hot jam next week… GOD bless your brand…

The song “TGIF” by Idarah Uyou drops this next week.. anticipate..


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